Albury Bible Church began in 2000 with the name Albury Bible Fellowship.From a bible study with a handful of people meeting in someone's lounge room things soon grew. In 2002 the church moved to employ a minister, and as a result Chris Little was employed to be the full-time minister. For many years Chris worked on the local campus of Charles Sturt Uni and there is now a dedicated full-time staff worker on campus with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

Senior Minister

Chris and Catherine

Chris Little. Previously working in a laboratory giving malaria to mice, Chris went on to study at Moore Theological College. His main passion is to teach people about the greatness of Jesus, but other hobbies include being a member of the RFS, cycling and reading dictionaries. Chris is married to Catherine, who used to be an Occupational Therapist. She now looks after their five children.

Leadership Team

 Leadership Team

The Leadership Team exists to serve the overall direction of ABC. They help ensure that all we do as a church remains true to our larger aims. The team is Cameron Walls, Jane Perry and Chris Little. Please feel free to discuss with them our church vision of Growing in Christ, or any concerns.

MTS Apprentices

Michael and Rachel Huntington

Michael and Rachel Huntington started an MTS apprenticeship in 2017 with Albury Bible Church. They are learning about Christian ministry by hands on experience and continue to lead Youth Group and start new ministries. Please support them both by praying for them both and providing financial support - see the following links: